Terms & Conditions

Intellectual Property

The site and its contents (http://www.BabbanoSoft.com) are exclusive to BabbanoSoft.com Intellectual Property (hereinafter “Babbano”). The presentation and all materials, including trademarks, logos, artwork, screenshots, videos and domain names displayed on Babbano are protected by intellectual property laws and owned trademarks or trademarks of their respective publishers.

Shipping Time
Shipping time is clearly specified in the product description, 99% of the products are sent from 0,1-24 hours by our system after payment. You can view the status of your order in your purchase history.

For security reasons, our system verifies all information sent to paypal or the payment method that you used. Automatically, if the system detects an error, your CD key will not be sent and must be reviewed by the Babbano team. This process can take up to 24 hours, the Babbano team will have the right to accept or reject your purchase and return the money.

You will have to use real information before you can purchase anything at Babbano. Any use of fraud information will result in a ban from Babbano.

Products & Shop Comments
All comments posted by users are reviewed by the Babbano team. We are the only one who can judge whether the comment is or is not accepted without any possible claim. Validation is never final. A comment that has already been accepted may be removed by the Babbano team without any possible claim.

Refund Policy
For security reasons in digital products, at the time the buyer makes the purchase of the product the right to reimbursement is no longer accepted.

You can ONLY receive a refund if:
* If in more than 24 hours after payment you have not received the product.
* If the product you buy is out of stock and team BabbanoSoft.com warns it will not be available in the next 24 hours.
* If there is an error with your game (Invalid, Used, etc.) And there is no replacement.

No refunds will be issued based on a glitch in a game, the noncompliance with the minimum requirements to run the game on your computer, for lack of pleasure during the game, or because the buyer did not read the product specifications mentioned by Babbano team.

Visit: http://cyri.systemrequirementslab.com/srtest/ to see if you can run the product on your machine.

The products you purchase from BabbanoSoft.com come from an original DVD and you will be the first and only one to have it. If the product is not valid or is defective a replacement will be done only after the team BabbanoSoft.com verifies the error, we can take up to 72 hours to have a solution.

Please note that some products, the editor provides no direct download from their server and we shall not be responsible to get this download, only if we indicated in our product.

Identification of personal data
Babbano does not disclose or sell personally identifiable information (such as name, address, phone number or e-mail) about you.
Babbano does not collect personal information from children under 13 years. Babbano is not directed to children under 13 years, and prohibits the registration.
Babbano does not collect any personal banking information such as credit cards, this information is through the payment company and the buyer.

Babbano uses SSL protection 264 Bits to protect your information. Babbano also uses cookie technology to collect information about your visits to thereby provide a better service.

How we use personal data
Personal data are used to verify your payment and prevent fraud, if the Babbano team needs other information such as a photo ID, you must cooperate to complete your purchase, you have the right to remove any identification number, leaving alone the photo and full name. (This information will be deleted after verification).

Babbano uses SSL protection 264 Bits to protect your information. Babbano also uses cookie technology to collect information about your visits to thereby provide a better service.

Dispute against Babbano
Please always contact Babbano team before deciding to open a dispute, here we do not believe in the sale of 1 day, we want the best for you and want you as a customer for life, so we offer the best service for you to feel confident and happy shopping at Babbano.